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The team at JBS Legal Account Solutions are passionate about what we do and the benefits our customers receive from working with us.

We engaged JBS Legal Account Solutions to cover a maternity leave vacancy in our office. They had been recommended to us by our Accountant.

When we started working with them there were some hiccups, however Margaret came in and took over the management of our accounts and everything got back on track very quickly.

JBS Legal Account Solutions managed all of our accounts including MYOB, trust accounting requirements, BAS preparation and lodgement, and the payroll. They also liaised with our external Accountant and provided any data or reporting that was required.

Margaret works remotely and is available via email, phone or Skype as needed and that works well for our business. We’re able to get in contact with her easily and she is very quick to respond.

They don’t just manage our accounts; they provide added value, identifying opportunities for further efficiencies in our accounts systems and procedures.

We would use JBS Legal Account Solutions again if the need arises. It has worked well for us and we are happy with the work they have undertaken on behalf of our Practice.

Patricia Keyworth
Principal Solicitor, Keyworth Harris & Lowe Family Lawyers

We have been working with JBS Legal Account Solutions for almost 2 years now. They were recommended to us by an affiliate and we engaged Margaret and her team to help us out.

We had some issues with quality assurance of the work that was being done by a previous provider. So we wanted to find an alternative business to work with to manage our bookkeeping requirements.

We initially engaged Margaret and JBS to address issues which had resulted from the previous supplier. The first thing they did when they came on board was to systematically go through our existing accounting systems and records, identify any issues that needed to be addressed with our accounts and remedy the them as and when they arose.

They now manage all of our ongoing bookkeeping and trust accounting requirements, manage BAS preparation and lodgement, and liaise with our external Accountant regarding audit requirements.

They have been extremely professional and they are good at what they do. They put systems and procedures in place to manage our accounts and it provides a huge degree of comfort as you feel that nothing is being missed.

What’s more is that they have internal back up, so if our main point of contact is not there, there’s someone else in the team who is familiar with our business. It’s great to have that familiarity and continuity.

Having JBS Legal Account Solutions managing our accounts requirements frees up my time. I can focus on doing other work – billable work – as opposed to having to micromanage someone all of the time to ensure the job is actually getting done. It makes everything much more streamlined.

I would have no hesitation in recommending JBS Legal Account Solutions and we envisage working with them for the long-term. They are really good at what they do and they are specialists in their field. They are highly professional and you can conduct your business with confidence, knowing that your books are all in order.

Aishwarya Somal
Director, Emerson Family Law

Our firm has been working with JBS Legal Account Solutions (JBS) for over 5 years.

When I commenced my position with Gilkerson Legal, Leeann provided me with intensive training in relation to the operation of the firm’s management and accounts software. This enabled the transition to take place seamlessly without any interruption to the firm’s operations.

Leeann oversees all of our financial transactions including payroll and compliance, BAS payments and reporting, PAYG and its ATO requirements. She also liaises with our external accountant providing the necessary data and reports as and when required.

I can’t speak more highly enough of Leeann and JBS Legal Account Solutions. Leeann is my ‘go-to person’ as and when I need anything. She has extensive knowledge of our firm’s operations. Leeann is extremely responsive whenever I require assistance and guidance. I know she will always get back to me straight away. That is an incredibly important attribute in my opinion, it means that there is never any delay in performing my roles and responsibilities.

Over the years we have built an excellent relationship with our external Accountant who has passed comment that he is always impressed with the way our data is presented, which in turn saves them time which in effect saved the firm money and time.

Leeann and JBS Legal Account Solutions know our business and they know how a legal office and environment operates. Working with Leeann gives me peace of mind. She is well known and respected in the legal community.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Leeann and JBS Legal Account Solutions to anyone.

Gabrielle McClelland
Practice Manager, Gilkerson Legal

I’ve been working with Leeann Moore and JBS Legal Account solutions since I started my practice in 2012.

I was looking for someone to manage all of my accounting and bookkeeping requirements and Leeann and JBS have taken on that role.

Leeann came in initially and helped me set up the Practice including managing the implementation of the accounting software and procedures. Now JBS manage all of my bookkeeping including monthly reconciliations for general accounts and trust accounts, my quarterly BAS and superannuation obligations as well as the tax preparations for my external Accountant.

It’s brilliant. I don’t have to do anything or worry about anything being done, as I know that Leeann and JBS will manage everything for me. They work autonomously and I know that whatever is done will be correct. They know what needs to be done and they are very efficient.

Working with Leeann and JBS Legal Account Solutions takes away all of that stress from me so I can focus on the running my practice.

Katrina Oner
Principal, Owner Family Law

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